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With Christmas only a week away, we set our sights on the North Pole and the true stars of the winter season. Yup, the 9 Reindeer that make up Santa's all-star team. It wasn't easy, but we managed to catch up with all of them before the big day began.

We start our Reindeer Profiles with the one and only Donner. Donner is a seasoned Christmas veteran and is known throughout the reindeer ranks as a highly detailed and disciplined reindeer. Donner takes his offseason training very seriously and often finds himself in the gym at least twice a day. We had the pleasure of catching up with Donner in between workouts

GNW: So Donner, we are closing in on Christmas. How are you feeling physically?

Donner: Never felt better. I’m currently working with my personal trainer 7 days a week to make sure I’m in peak physical condition come December 25th. We’ve been doing a lot of core and leg strengthening exercises that are key to having a good performance on Christmas.

GNW: Interesting. Are the other reindeers training as hard as you?

Donner: Nobody trains as hard as Donner. Some of these reindeer think that June and July are the times to relax and go to the beach. Donner doesn’t think that way. Those months in the summertime are when I push myself the hardest. My teammates need to understand this is the only way they will be able to mimic my peak physical condition.

GNW: What type of food do you eat to prepare yourself for the all-nighter that is Christmas?

Donner: Protein shakes. Can’t stop building that muscle mass. People think that they can eat junk food and deserts and they won’t pay the consequences for that. They’re all wrong. A good, strict, and high protein diet is the only way to maintain a high level of physical perfection.

GNW: How does your supreme strength help you when you have to deal with inclement weather?

Donner: When we get up North into the Yukon Territories, it’s my supreme upper body strength that gets us through that tough weather. There isn’t a weather pattern on the planet that I can’t persevere through.

GNW: I saw you on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine. What was that like?

Donner: It was great. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Universe 2010 and we were able to trade some good tips on how to stay in good shape. I didn’t get into the reindeer game for the fame and publicity, but it was nice to be recognized.

GNW: Lastly, there is a large amount of confusion surrounding your name. You call yourself “Donner” while others refer to you as “Donder”. What’s the deal?

Donner: I dislike the letter “D” so I removed it from my name. Lets just leave it at that.

GNW: But your name starts with a “D”

Donner: [Looks angrily into the eyes of GNW]

GNW: Thanks. That’s a wrap!

[GNW slowly moves towards the exit]

Tune in tomorrow as we sit down for an interview with Santa’s oldest and most trusted reindeer, Blitzen! This is one interview you don't want to miss! Click here for the Interview


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