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Losing money usually never results in good news…that is until now. A forensic scientist from Taiwan nicknamed the "jigsaw expert" has helped a factory owner recover $6000 in cash that he accidentally shredded during a routine office cleanup.

Mr. Lin dropped a bag containing $200,000 Taiwan dollars ($6,600 Canadian) in TWD $1,000 bills into his factory's shredding machine, an oversight he is likely never to forget.

With a desire to rescue his money, Mr.Lin contacted a local official, who then had the shredded notes passed on to the forensics division of the Justice Ministry's special investigations unit. The unit offers a free service repairing damaged cash.

That’s when 30-year veteran forensic scientist Liu Hui-fen entered the scene. She graciously took on the task of putting the 200 notes back together in just seven days! Wow! Proud of her accomplishment and her new nickname, she emphasized the difficulty and amount of patience that was required to finish the task.

As a great end to a good news story, the central bank has deemed that the piecemeal notes have been sufficiently restored and Mr.Lin will receive all his cash back! Yay!

What’s more, thanks to the forensics unit, 250 cases of damaged notes each year are attempted and repaired free of charge. Now that’s what I like to call financial responsibility!


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