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A 22-year-old woman from Massachusetts who knows nothing about cricket has been offered a trip to go watch a match in Australia because of a mix up over her Twitter name.

The Ashes is a Test Cricket series played between England and Australia and it’s the sports most celebrated rivalry. However, the game prevails as a foreign and uninteresting game to most in North America. There are strange rules that allow one game to last up to five days!

Meet Ashley Kerekes, from Massachusetts, USA, who goes under the Twitter name “TheAshes”, a nickname created by her boyfriend.

Cricket fans bombarded Twitter account "TheAshes" with messages after the 66th Ashes series between England and Australia began on Thursday. Despite tweeting back that she was in fact not a ‘cricket match’, raging fans pushed forward prompting others to follow her. In three days, Ashley’s ‘fanbase’ of 300 followers grew to over 7000.

Surround by new friends, Ashley started asking about the rules of the century old game. Before she knew it, a full out campaign had developed on Twitter to "get TheAshes to The Ashes!” Australian airline Quantas tweeted that they would pay for ‘TheAshes’ airfare to Australia and Vodafone offered to pay for her match tickets. Wow!

Ashley is even selling T-shirts with sayings taken from her confused responses on Twitter. For example, she tweeted "that'd be interesting to know if I knew what that meant" in response to a follower who informed her that England went "beyond 500 for the loss ofone wicket in the 2nd innings" for the first time.


  1. danny says:

    FYI the very first international cricket match was between...

    ...the USA and Canada!

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for the link!

    It is amazing that North Americans never really embraced the sport. Any thoughts?

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