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There’s thinking outside the box, then there’s the Dennis Hope approach of thinking outside the solar system. And believe us when we say we mean that in the most literal of senses.

Dennis Hope, an American entrepreneur, is a real estate agent who specializes in extraterrestrial property. If you’re looking to invest in housing on the Moon, Dennis Hope is your man. In 1980, Hope started his own business after claiming to have found a loophole in International Law which allowed him to claim full sovereignty of the moon.

Hope sells “lunar deeds” which are available to anyone at $20 an acre. He has made over $9 Million thus far and claims to sell 1,500 lunar properties a day. How does he decide which part of the Moon you get? It’s simple. He closes his eyes and randomly points to a map of the Moon. Clearly this isn’t your Donald Trump way of selling real estate.

While Hope has been selling properties on Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Moon for over 30 years, no government has recognized the sales of extraterrestrial property as legally binding. So yes, he’s made nearly $10 million selling property that he has no legal obligation to. Genius or con artist? We’ll let you decide.

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