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With just over a month until Valentine’s Day, we decided to give the gentlemen out there a heads up on what to get their wives this year. In this series we will report on the ultime best and worst Valetnine’s Day gifts. Gentlemen, do us all a favour, and take a clue from the past.

For example, take the guy in Toronto who thought Facebook could solve all of his Valentine’s Day worries.

He came home to a nice dinner prepared by his girlfriend, which she had worked on most of the day. She then pulled out an expensive and sentimental gift that only he would enjoy. A gift she spent months trying to track down.

Then, he comes back with a Romantic Facebook Gift (a heart he pasted to her Facebook wall) that took all of 5 seconds to find and all of nothing to buy.

Needless to say a day later that same guy was on Eharmony trying to find a new girlfriend. Sound like you?

No worries. For the next 4 weeks we will go through the best and worst Valentines Day gifts each week as we prepare for the holiday that keeps Hallmark in business. Hopefully you haven’t done your shopping yet. And if you have, hopefully you’re not returning the gift after reading this article!


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