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With only a few weeks left to sort out that perfect gift for your lovely lady, have you even begun to shop?

No worries, statistics show that over 80% of men wait until they are within a few days of Valentine’s Day before even browsing through a shop.

Take, for example, the guy from Seattle who waited until only a few minutes before he was supposed to meet his girlfriend for a nice romantic V-Day dinner. He darted frantically through a local mall searching for just the right gift. It only took a few moments before he realized that maybe the perfect gift would have to wait, he just needed to find any gift at all!

Quickly he ran into a popular woman’s soap shop and picked out the first gift basket he could find. The woman at the register questioned his choice, but he told her he was out of time and needed it wrapped immediately.

Rushing into the restaurant, he presented his Girlfriend with the gift. She was ecstatic, that was until she found out what was inside. It turns out that he hadn’t grabbed a gift basket at all, rather it was a promotional basket full of anti-acne medication.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening did not go well...


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