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I don’t know about you, but when someone cuts me off and I feel the heat of road rage taking over my body, the first thing I think of is a good ol prayer! Ok, maybe not so much, but the Polish Church is hoping that their prayers will reach us anyway.

On Sunday April 3, the Polish Catholic Church will be holding a day of prayer designed to reduce the nation’s mounting incidence of road rage. According to the OECD-affiliated International Transport Forum there are 12 deaths on Polish roads for every 100,000 inhabitants, whereas in a country like the UK, incidences are only about 3.9.

Shocking, I know!

The Polish Catholic Church figures that their prayer day will be the perfect remedy. In addition, they will be holding a two-day retreat for drivers to spend time thinking about how they react when they get behind the wheel.

"Many of us behave like pagans when we're driving," said Father Marian Midura, the organizer of the prayer day, which has the support of the national police. "Even though we hang rosaries, carry images of saints and have the early Christian sign of the fish on our cars we do not respect other drivers."

It is not clear whether the church plans on encouraging driver’s to use the prayer day as a one-off cure to road rage, or whether there will be follow-up CD’s and radio programs used to calm the nervous driver. However, one thing remains certain; come Monday there isn’t a prayer in the world that will rid the world of the dreaded morning commute through rush hour traffic. Trust me, I've tried!


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