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Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with Olivia and Kirsten, two Conservation students in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, who are participating in a worldwide video competition. The premise: get the most amount of votes, and become part of a 10 person team headed out on the ultimate conservation expedition to Borneo, Indonesia, to film a 3D action movie and documentary series about deforestation and orangutans.

Crazy! I Know! But these girls are dedicated to their cause, and you gotta love them for it.

This project will restore a full rainforest ecosystem, provide a sustainable livelihood for the local community, create global awareness of deforestation, and create a safe and permanent home for thousands of endangered Orangutans. The project will be produced by award winning Australian Virgo Productions in collaboration with National Geographic Entertainment, and will be shot by acclaimed cinematographer Don McAlpine (Moulin Rouge, Rome + Juliet, Wolverine).

Ok, so now you really have my interest. I love those movies!

So I had to ask, besides the obvious film creds, why they wanted to be part of the project. The answer was simple: “It is a very important cause, doing important work, and this is what we are passionate about.”


I checked out the videos, and between Kirsten’s appropriate lumberjack wardrobe, and Olivia’s quirky 3D glasses accessory, I truly believe these girls have an excellent shot at winning the competition.

You have our vote ladies!

For more information visit

Check out their videos below… and be sure to VOTE!

Olivia’s video:

Kirsten’s video:

A little bonus material about the girls:
Olivia's favourite animal is the PANDA. She actually collects panda parafernalia (felt pandas, drawings, wooden pandas, panda mugs, you name it)
Kirsten's favourite animal is the goat, because she always encounters them in her travels. She also loves wolves.


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