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If there is one show by an up-and-coming Canadian Singer and Songwriter that you don't want to miss this year, it is Amy Theiseen and her debut album "Give up the Fight".  Having had a sneak peak at the album in June of last year, I can say with all honesty that is is as powerful as it is moving.

I had the privileged opportunity of seeing Amy sing in an open jam session at the Guilt & Co earlier this year. The crowd loved it, we loved it, and most of all Amy got a chance to prove to music lovers across Vancouver the true power of her awesome vocals.

We will see you at the show!

See her live at:
Cafe Deux Soliels on May 4th  (Details: )
and the awesome 
Raw Canvas on May 5th.  (Details: )

Also touring with Amy Thiessen is Adam Reid.

A little bit of info on the album:
Amy Thiessen leaps onto the Canadian music scene with her debut album Give up the Fight. Her intensely personal music is steeped in soul-fed folk intertwined with a vast array of styles varying from outright rock to ancient mantras. Joined by Jed Tomlinson, Thiessen takes the album on her “Give up the Fight” album release tour.

Give Up The Fight finds everything from rock and punk's uncompromising nature to pop music's melodic sensibilities fused into its powerful folk heart. Further motivated by the raw honesty of Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti, Tracy Chapman and the music Thiessen brought back from India, the album draws from mantras, prayer songs and healing in a contemporary fashion. Essentially, Thiessen takes contrasting genres/influences/styles, spawning an inimitable style brimming with enthusiastic gusto.


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