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Consumed is looking for new homes to invade for a second season! The reality series which premiered last fall on HGTV, is designed to help families organize and purge their homes of the unwanted stuff that crowds their lives.

Consumed has been renewed for a second season and is on the hunt for the next messiest family in Greater Vancouver. Ok, well maybe not the messiest, but they are looking for families with a house full of clutter! Are you them?

I had the opportunity to chat with Casting Director Rachel Knudsen about the new reality series premiering on HGTV, and with a little prodding, I was able to dig out some insider info on how to make sure your house is one of the lucky few to be selected.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Rachel. So to start off, what can you tell me about Consumed?
Consumed is a funny, insightful show that helps examine our relationship with our stuff. But not like Hoarders, it is a show about helping people get to the root of the problem with their clutter.

De-Cluttering Host Jill Pollack
And the Host is Jill Pollack? Can you tell me a bit about her?
Ya, Jill is amazing. She is actually a professional organizer from LA, and has worked with a number of celebrities helping them organize and de-clutter. She has also been involved with other reality series' like the Bachelorette. We are really lucky to have her hosting the show.

Nice. And you have already shot some episodes?
Yes. Right now we have shot 13 episodes.

And your still looking for more?

From the families you have worked with, is there anything you can share with us before the show airs?
[laughing] I can tell you that clutter is a very subjective experience. Some people think they have a really cluttered home, and we show up, and it is actually quite clean. Other people think they are pretty good, and the house is really a big mess. We have some families who have papers from a billion years ago, and others that have seriously dysfunctional laundry systems. It is going to be a great season.

Alright, let's get to the info that everyone wants to know.  How do you get a leg up on the competition in becoming a guest on the show?
Well... we are looking for people who are: outgoing, sentimental, are thrift-store-aholics, have a lot to say, really need the help, and who can send in really good photos of their mess. And being a bit stressed out about the mess is also good. [laughing].

And if they do get selected, what can they expect from the filming process?
We film for 5 weeks, coming back every few days to film, and help the family with their clutter. Then, after we wrap up, we return 3 months later to do follow-up filming to see how everything is going.

I'm looking forward to it!  Thanks for taking the time to speak with me!
Thank you! And remember to remind people about the casting call. [laughing].


My guess is that there is no short supply of people who need help with their clutter, and who are ready to star in their own reality TV episode.

To respond to the casting call contact Rachel Knudsen at 604-873-9777 ext 251 or email her at:

Good luck!


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