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News Update: Good for Grapes received 3 nods from the Canada's Got Talent Judges.  The judges offered rave reviews across the board and appeared excited to see such a young group playing the funky "granola" grassroots music style.

Take a moment to get to know the band, and be sure to go out and vote when the time comes!

News Release: September 2011
Twenty-five representatives from some of Canada's biggest names in music turned out at a Toronto studio on August 19th to hear a new, young Vancouver-area band that's quickly gained nation-wide traction. Following two national victories in both the Roger's Music Battle of the Bands and Supernova's "Band on the Run to the UK, Surrey-based 'Good For Grapes' attracted the likes of EMI and Warner Music, Feldman, Finkelstein and more who came and stayed for a 6-song showcase of their original folk-fusion at Coalition Studios.

Good For Grapes is a folk inspired band of young 17 to 19-year olds whose sound bears strong emphasis on vocal harmonies and steady rhythms fronting complex but 'radio-friendly' tracks.

Since forming only 11 months ago, the Grapes (Daniel McBurnie, Graham Gomez, Alexa Unwin, Sean Mackeigan, Robert Hardie and Jesse Brook) have quickly built a regional following from a series of high-energy, live performances and feature interviews on Cable Four's "CloseLook."

The originality of using acoustic instruments, including accordion and trombone, has been behind all the buzz they've generated from the Lower Mainland to Ontario. After winning two national competitions within only four months, Good For Grapes was flown to Toronto by Supernova in an all-expenses paid trip to record at Coalition Studios (Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, Finger Eleven).

The Toronto trip saw Good For Grapes play the first ever private showcase at Coalition for EMI, Warner, SL Feldmen & Associates, The Agency Group, Coalition Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Bumstead Productions Ltd, Alert Music, Epic Productions, Finkelstein, and Supernova Entertainment. Private meetings followed and the band left with 'tons of positive feedback' and industry reps intent on tracking their progress.

Good For Grapes has already recorded a 6 song EP, which has been highlighted in several reviews and has generated strong sales between i-Tunes and their live appearances. The three new tracks they launched at Coalition are now being completed at Vancouver's own Greenhouse Studios. The finished product will go back to the organizations that saw them play in Toronto and will be looking for a debut on Vancouver radio.

In the local community, Good For Grapes has been involved with many charities and Organizations including Cops for Cancer, SPCA Paws for a Cause, The Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society, and the People's Foundation for Sierra Leone.



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    Check out my write-up on Good For Grapes' latest single "Oh Dear!"

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