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The Good News just got a whole lot better with a new and innovative site that is sending out kind messages to loved ones all over the world. is taking the good old thank you note and bringing it into the 21st century.  It is simple, visit and click "Start Your Message", then personalize a special thank you note with your own words and images, and share with only that person, or the entire world!  It is just that simple, and only takes moments to help brighten someones day.

In our hyper-cnnected, technologically dominated world, doing something simple like showing appreciation can often get overlooked.  We forget how much simply saying, "thank you" can truly mean to a loved one, friend, or even stranger on the street. is helping us all remember how simple and important showing our love and appreciation can actually be, and how easy it is to share with the world.

The team at Good News Weekly thanks you Fanx Team, for helping make the world a better place!

So go ahead!  Take a moment to show someone that you care, that you appreciate them... it only takes a few seconds!

Visit for all the details


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