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Donating your extra concert and sports tickets never felt so good!

Have you ever been to a sports game and wondered why there are so many open seats in the lower bowl? Me too! Well, it turns out there are literally thousands of unused season tickets that go to waste each and everyday in cities across Canada. People can’t make it for a variety of reasons: work commitments, family emergencies, laziness, and the list goes on.

Enter Kids Up Front; a charitable organization hat helps distribute all those unused and unwanted tickets to worthy families and children who most likely have never even been to an event. The organization, which was founded in Calgary in the spring of 2000, has helped donate over 20 million tickets across Canada, and is working toward increasing that number in the years to come.

“We really feel that our program is nurturing their [the children’s] spirit, and building self esteem,” responds Kari Scarlett, Executive Director for the Calgary branch of Kids Up Front. “Everyone remembers their first concert or hockey game. We are able to give kids their first.”

So how does it all work? “It’s a simple concept. If you can’t use a ticket, give it to us, we will give it to a child, and make a difference in their life.” Donors can also help support the cause by sending in money for ticket purchases.

Over the years Kids Up Front has helped numerous kids build fond memories and confidence from the events. Kari tells me about a 15-year-old boy who desperately wanted to go to the Juno awards in 2008. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a ticket anywhere. Then, on the Thursday before Sunday night event, a lady called in to offer a single ticket. The Kids Up Front team quickly scrambled into action. They rushed over to the group home where the boy lived to present him with the ticket. Immediately, he began screaming at the top of his lungs, his joy was overwhelming. 

On the evening of the event the young boy strutted in with a newfound confidence, he made friends with everyone he was sitting around.  The next day, he made cookies and sent a thank you card, mentioning how much he had been through in his life, and how much the tickets meant to him.  Since then has gone on to graduate high school and develop a strong career path. Much of his success he credits to the confidence he gained on that single night.

The organization is full of amazing stories like this one. So what are you waiting for? Donate those unused tickets now!

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