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A mixed media dramedy meant to promote gender equality and self-expression in women, highlighting their struggles and achievements.

"A promiscuous psychologist readying herself for a social event, receives a last minute cancellation from her date. In an effort to convince her roommate, a frumpy artist, to go with her they instead get lost in conversation. Sharing the joys and frustrations of being women as their patience for each other runs dry. Their contrasting views are expressed through stories and artistic outlets, interrupted by booze, stalkers, chocolate, and sexual encounters. Their hidden aspects are revealed, exposing the light and dark within each other, forcing them to embrace both as part of themselves."

Through the central image of high heels the two characters explore their different perspectives as they touch on topics relevant to women from Adam and Eve to present day. Painting, spoken word and tribal dance bring balance into their lives as this mixed media performance combines psychology, philosophy, religion and art.

After conducting numerous interviews with women and men from all walks of life, Aria DeMaris and Sherry Duggal bring you this stimulating performance. It all began with a desire to volunteer abroad and help women achieve their great potential. Having decided to create impact through performance, they are packing their props and heading off to Edinburgh!

Being some of the few Canadians to perform in Edinburgh this year, they are eager to share their adventure at the world’s biggest theatre festival. Sherry and Aria will be bringing back unique stories and advice for other local artists interested in crossing the ocean to promote themselves and what Vancouver has to offer.
Our goal is to help women embrace themselves and express from a place of trust and love. With two unique voices amidst many, this dramedy is meant to inspire through the art of laughter. We want to help those we all love most, our mothers, sisters and daughters.

"We can balance the weight of the world even in heels!"

Production: Eve: A Balancing Act
Production Co: Eve Productions
Venue: Havana Theatre

  July 28th
Time:  3:00 pm (45 min)
Tickets:  $15.00


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