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Launched in early May, was designed as a super fashionable way for women to shop for new tech accessories and interact with other women on the site.

As it turns out, women actually buy more tech than men, at a rate of 4.7 items per year vs the men at only 4.2.  I guess it doesn't really come as a surprise, women love their phones, iPads headphones etc. and use them daily! But despite this, tech is still pretty much marketed and sold with men in mind.  Women still seem to be an afterthought.  But not anymore!

The main idea behind Adriana Em was to disrupt the typical boys club that dominates tech and create a space that is comfortable, familiar and relevant for its women shoppers. When you visit the site you will immediately notice the fashion focused design, images of women wearing the products, and social media posts linked directly to the product pages. There is even an option for its female shoppers to post videos that offer advice to other shoppers on how best to use the products.

I personally love the design and I found a whole host of products that I never knew existed.  It also looks like they are in the midst of setting up a rewards program which is super exciting.

With free shipping and free returns, along with a 365 day warranty program, m verdict is that this is a win for women across the globe. I can't wait to get my next tech device!

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-Michelle Jefferies


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