How to Find the Best Direct Mail Automation Software

There are many reasons to look for the . For starters, offline marketing is costly. Costs involved in offline marketing include printing, organizing, and mailing mail through postal services. In addition, offline marketing requires considerable effort, which is why many businesses have turned to online marketing as an alternative.


In order to reduce costs and improve the overall effectiveness of their campaigns, marketers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and other analytics to understand customer behavior and engagement. Software vendors are adding AI capabilities to their core solutions. This helps them understand their ideal customer and what content they would find interesting or useful to them.

Gunderson Direct

If you’re looking for mail automation software for SaaS businesses, you’ve probably considered Gunderson Direct. Located in Hayward, California, this direct mail service provider offers a full suite of useful marketing services to fit your company’s needs. From creative design to mail production, Gunderson Direct has you covered. Their services cover every aspect of direct mail marketing, from start to finish, and include comprehensive campaign reports and benchmarked results to KPIs. You’ll be amazed by their ability to blend digital and physical marketing efforts.


If you want to generate more revenue from your direct marketing campaign, consider using SaaSMQL direct mail automation software. Unlike other forms of email marketing, SaaSMQL emails are more personalized and human-like, which makes them stand out amongst other messages. The software can also help you with account-based marketing strategies and analytics. This type of software can help your business produce more revenue with less effort.

SaaSMQL direct mail automation software can help SaaS firms renew their lead generation efforts. The SaaS company SaaSMQL targets will enjoy benefits from this software. Its thin-sliced segmentation will favor large and small companies, and SaaS firms can benefit from its powerful capabilities. Alternatively, for smaller businesses, PostcardMania can help. Its customizable templates are ideal for promoting a variety of different types of businesses.


As part of its $60 million investment in marketing, PostcardMania has released Zapier integration, allowing businesses to send out responsive direct mail based on CRM events. With Zapier, businesses can send postcards at the exact time they need to reach their target audience. As an added bonus, the integration allows PostcardMania users to use Zapier’s trigger-based direct mail automation. You can even add PostcardMania to your list of marketing automation tools if you’re using another software platform.

The company has also launched a website-to-mailbox product that emulates digital retargeting by replacing digital ads with direct mail. This physical touchpoint can affect the response, as a physical mail piece increases brand recall by 49%. Unlike traditional digital ads, a physical piece of mail increases brand recall by nearly four times, and many consumers are willing to buy products based on their experience with a mail piece.

Earth Class Mail

If you want to receive your physical mail via email, consider using an automated mail solution, such as the one offered by Earth class mail. With this solution, you will be able to receive your physical mail without compromising security or accuracy. The company’s team of experts has extensive experience in document management, including the postal industry. You can use this software to send and receive postal mail, as well as handle the security requirements and security of images.


Direct mail automation software helps marketers organize their client contact lists by collecting and categorizing the information digitally. This allows them to search for specific information about their clients and target them with specific mail pieces. The software also provides a built-in template editor, which lets you create personalized mail. A variety of design templates is available, which helps you produce mail that is targeted to your audience. Using software that automates your mail process will help you improve your results.