How to Make a DIY Themed Gift Basket for Every Occasion?

There is nothing more personal and creative than DIY gift baskets. Homemade gift baskets are always personal and thoughtful. Whether it’s a housewarming party, bridal shower, thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other event, who doesn’t love gift baskets? Once you pick a theme, they are easy to make.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to make gift baskets Mississauga, you need to pick the right theme, budget and add the flavor of your creativity. You can search places for items like dollar store. Buy a few cheaper and few expensive gifts. A creative basket is the best gift to mix up.

Now you might be thinking what you can fill in your DIY gift basket? If you are making a gift basket for bridal shower and your recipient has been registered for pizza stone, you can make a pizza themed gift. Add a pizza wheel and buy a pizza stone, her favorite pizza recipe, cutting board, potholders, gourmet sauce, wine, or seasonings.

You can make a Sunshine themed gift basket to cheer up someone. They mostly have yellow-colored items. You can go with indoor picnic theme, relaxing theme, and other themes for him or her.

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Pick a nice container

After deciding a theme, pick a container that can match your theme. You can buy a normal container or basket but it is better to go with a theme. You can also use one of your gifts as container to save money. Consider the weight or size of the basket. It should be large enough to hold all the gifts but not too large to feel bulky. If you are buying something heavy like bottles of wine, be sure to buy a basket, which is strong enough.


Now that you have bought a container and decided a theme, it’s time to fill the container. Be sure to stick to your budget by deciding ahead of time.

List down the items you want to add. Fill in some cheap items along with expensive ones. For example, you can add some cupcake wrappers, sprinklers, cute napkins or parchment paper for making a baking basket.

gift baskets mississauga

Pick the right filler

Figure out whether you need filler when shopping for your gifts. You can add shredded paper or tissue paper. For example, you can use garland for holiday basket or a cozy blanket for indoor picnic basket. You can pick cotton napkins for coffee/tea, kitchen or bridal baskets.

Getting Gift Basket Ready

After having the container, filler and your items, you can easily assemble the DIY gift basket. When it comes to arrange the items, you can do it the way that it can present them well. Put the larger items in the back and then fill the space with smaller items. You can hide any of the less interesting or cheap items and add more exciting and expensive items on the visible spot.

Gift Tag

A small piece of card stock or gift tag can work your way with a cute ribbon. You can attach the tag to a skewer to display the same well.