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It may come as no surprise to some of you, and a total shock to others, but technology isn’t just for the young and able bodied anymore.

Research has found that a growing number of elderly in North America are abandoning their jigsaw puzzles and Matlock reruns in favour of surfing the net, playing Wii, and chatting on their smartphones.

The most recent example was documented in a visit to Canada by Queen Elizabeth II. After getting a backstage tour of the Research in Motion factory, the queen was offered a complimentary Blackberry by company co-founder Mike Lazaridis. The 84 year old is rumored to be a huge fan of smartphone technology after having been introduced to the handhelds a few years earlier by her son Prince Andrew.

Meanwhile the Facebook networking site has reported that their largest growth segment of new users is over the age of 50, possibly for the sole purpose of starting a group dedicated to bringing Matlock back to the airwaves. While Nintendo’s Wii game console is becoming as synonymous with old folks homes as tapioca is for desert.

While this newly emerging market is good for the tech companies, unfortunately for jigsaw puzzle manufacturers, this could spell the end of the road.


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