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Men are bigger gossipers than women!

According to a recent research study of cellphone users (performed by the Social Issues Research Centre), 33% of men admit to gossiping everyday, compared to 26% percent of women. Is this an example of gross underreporting by women, or a true scientific fact? We will let you be the judge!

Regardless, we all gossip at some point in our lives and boy do I have some juicy facts about gossip for you!

Only 5% of gossip time is devoted to criticism, and another 5% used to ask for or give advice. The other 90% of gossip is used to chat about who is doing what with whom

Men find it easier to gossip with women than with other men

Women use more animated tones, more detail, and tend to get more excited! However, don't let that fool you men, the phrase, "Did you hear Dallas crashed his truck last night?" is still gossip!

Men also spend more time gossiping about themselves and their own affairs - which is no real surprise, what man doesn't love to talk about himself?

Psychologist Robin Dunbar proposes gossiping is similar to 'animal grooming' like picking the twigs from each other's fur. Gossip helps us bond and feel close.

Whereas Geoffrey Miller states that we use gossip to compete for friends and sexual partners. When we gossip, we reveal behaviors that others find acceptable, and therefore allows us to choose suitable comrades.

Regardless, a good gossip between humans, referred to as a 'vocal grooming', has been shown to relax humans and lower blood pressure. Just like how animals look after each other in the animal kingdom, gossiping helps us to feel like we are all on the same team!


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