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The heat may be getting to you, but that doesn’t mean it needs to get to your sense of style!

Many men make these common mistakes during the summer so here’s a few tips on what to wear and what not to wear.

Summer Scent: We all know you still have that bottle of Christmas cologne from last winter, but try changing it up to something lighter for the summer. It’s just too hot and sweaty for such a heavy scent. Switch it up with something light and fresh; anything that seems natural. A cologne with a touch of citrus can keep your scent sparkling for the ladies!

Tank tops: Unless you’re a ripped weight lifter, tanks should be worn under your shirt. But I’m sure everyone will be asking the same question; then what are guys suppose to wear in the scorching heat? A bright coloured T-shirt with a V-neck, or a polo shirt (and not too tight) will work to keep the breeze flowing through your styling top.

Shorts: Men love those board shorts don’t they? This is one of most common men’s summer fashion mistakes. First of all, these shapeless shorts provide no line for the legs, and in the worst cases can even appear to be a skirt! Women DO care about men’s body lines more than you think. To look spanking good at the beach, men’s swimwear should sit just under the waist (although not too low) with slim lines that look sporty yet, still casual.

-Sherry Kim (Good News Weekly Fashionista)


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