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Heads-up! Literally. New research has found that the hairs on your head can actually predict an oncoming heart attack.

It turns out that the stress hormone (cortisol) is recorded in human hair, and as the hair grows it picks up the differing levels. Basically, hair becomes a road map for how much stress an individual is feeling over a period of time. The longer your hair, the greater the period of time medical scientists can measure.

Individuals who experience high levels of stress over a long period of time will record higher levels of cortisol in their hair strands. Recent studies have found a direct correlation between the amount of cortisol found in a subject’s hair, and the likelihood that they will suffer a heart attack.

The study is still in its infancy stages, but if all goes well, this will become the best non-invasive method for measuring long-term stress, and predicting heart attack.

Unfortunately for the baldies out there, this test does not apply. Mind you, the study did not specify that the hair had to come ONLY from your head…


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