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The Lennon throne went up for sale at a Liverpool auction last week.

Painted in blue flowers and covered in a thick layer of dust, the now famous toilet rested unnoticed, and unappreciated in a shed for over 40 years.

A contractor had stored it there after Lennon gave it to him as a gift in the early 70’s, telling him to, “Put some flowers in it or something.”

The porcelain gem was recovered, restored, and placed for auction. Organizers struggled to come up with a starting bid, never having sold a toilet before. They ended up settling on $1000, not knowing how high the purchase price would actually go.

While the purchaser has remained nameless, it is known that the toilet will be heading overseas.

Rumor has it that the source of Lennon’s superhuman powers came from his time on the toilet, and those who sits upon it will inherit the ghostly powers of the former Beatles superstar.

– okay, we made that one up, but I know that I do my best thinking on the throne, so I can only imagine what wonders the Lennon toilet may hold!


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