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For this fall, things are going from simple to new twists with an edge!

Scarves are always nice to keep yourself warm and will definately add texture to your outfit. Anything from cotton, silk, to cashmere will bring the chicness to your overall style. Don't be afraid to try out some daring colours, but still stay measureably colour coordinated.

Leggings! Leggings are comfortable no matter when or where you choose to wear them. Even when it's cold out you can match it up with a cardigan which will fit in with any outing in a sophisticated manner. Whether it's at the office of a casual dinner, these two pieces are a perfect couple.

Zest up your attire with some flashy gemstones. Just one piece of gemstone jewelery will make a heck of a fashion statement!

Remember, just because summer is over, it doesn't mean you need to stop looking good!

- Sherry Kim
Good News Weekly Fashionista


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