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Benefits: If you’re feeling a bit down about aging, wrinkles, and mental awareness; never fear, Vitamine B1 is here!

A good dose of Vit B1 (Thiamin) helps to keep our bodies and our minds young and youthful! Helping to optimize brain function and mental alertness, B1 is often used for decreasing forgetfulness and senility, which lets be honest gets us at any age!

Thiamin also helps us de-stress and maintain a great mental attitude, which is always helpful in an increasingly hectic world. On-top of it all, for any of you who think you have spotted your first wrinkle (or 20), Vitamin B1 helps fight signs of premature aging.

For peace of mind and a healthy body, this vitamin has it all!

Sources: Pork, Whole Grain Cereals, Rye and Whole Wheat flour, Kidney Beans, Green Vegetables


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