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Municipal government and beauty products have never really gone hand in hand - that is until now. The City of Beverly Hills is looking for the smell of success, by launching its own line of perfumes in an aim to turn the city’s trademarked logo into a brand.

A three fragrance set will be the initial product in a Beverly Hills beauty line that will roll out over the next year, including among others, men’s cologne, and hydration skin treatments. Fregrance specialists used flowers grown in the city, including California species of wild rose, sweet pea, honeysuckle, peony and red cedar.

Profits will go to the city’s local Chamber of Commerce. All bets are on success, with target profits of $500,000 over 5 years to be used for other marketing initiatives.

The three fragrances are designed to evoke what life is like for the Beverly Hills woman. Hmmm, is this metaphorically or does the perfume also provide unlimited shopping sprees, spa treatments and a free mansion. That’s not too much Beverly Hill indulgence... is it?

Skeptics worldwide are left scratching their heads, wondering what a city council knows about creating, branding, and selling perfume. But don’t count them out just yet, this could actually work!

With palm lined drives, spectacular mansions overlooking deep canyons, and the elaborate Rodeo Drive shopping district, Beverly Hills City has bombarded our popular culture in shows such as “Beverly Hill Cops” and “90210.” People have an admiration for Beverly Hills. It captures the imagination and fantasy of visitors from overseas, and that is what could provide success for the beauty product line.

"This is a center of fashion, sophistication, energy," said Mayor Jimmy Delshad. Size aside, Beverly Hills is attempting to make a splash as a world capital right up beside New York, Paris, and London


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