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Since the days of Napster, the music industry has yet to come up with a successful strategy to combat illegal file sharing – that is until now.

Put up your hand if you legally acquired all the music that is currently on your iPod? Didn’t think so. You probably got it from some illegal file-sharing program, right? Ya, us too. The problem is, artists suffer, the music industry suffers, and the quality of the download is often pretty awful.

So how do you find high quality music, that is free to download, and still pays the artists? Talk to the Aussies!

A tech company based out of Brisbane, Australia has developed a new and innovative website called Guvera. It is music file-sharing site that offers.. wait for it… free music downloads from a catalog of over 1 million songs!

So how is this different from Napster? In this business model musicians get paid by advertisers who promote their products to the end consumer on a “mini” download page, which Guvera calls a “channel”. These channels display a few short ads while the music is being downloaded, and boom, you have free music, courtesy of the short ad you just viewed.

In order to download music, the user must provide information about themselves regarding their music preferences, and the more info the give, the more music they can download. A sneaky, but clever way of matching users with appropriate advertisers. Hopefully no more tampon commercials for the Acid Rock guys, am I right?

The site offers music from a range of artists including Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift. Clearly there is something for everyone on Guvera.

So the Good News… free music may finally have found a legal way to please everybody.

Will this take off? Let us know what you think!


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