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When the Spaniards tell you that they take their afternoon Siesta seriously, well, they mean it!

Spain’s first National Siesta Championship is now underway, and the search for the ultimate napper is poised to bring out the best of the best as competitors sleep their way to a $1500 prize.

Hundreds of people young and old have signed up to prove that they are in fact the ultimate napper. Participants are asked to lie down on a bright blue sofa and sleep for 20 minutes. A maximum of 20,000 points will be awarded to nappers who not only sleep for the entire 20 minutes, but also exhibit the most original sleeping position, wear the most interesting outfit, and snore the loudest. Pulse monitors will be used to verify sleep.

The contest, which began on the 14th, and is set to finish at the end of October runs 8 heats per day with a total of 5 nappers per heat.

So who organized this slumberous event? Well, it was the National Association of Friends of the Siesta of course, on a mission to promote the health benefits of a daily nap.

According to the NAFS website, "The mission of the championship is to spread the idea that the nap is something of ours that must be defended and practiced, because it is healthy and good for everyone,"


  1. Jenny says:

    I think the Spanish might be on to something here.

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