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We are only 13 weekends away from the end of 2010! So as we look back on the year that’s been, we decided to look at some of the coolest inventions of 2010.

1. Inexpensive Portable Ventilator
What it is: Using only a $10 pressure sensor to help pump air into the chest of a patient, this is taking medicine to a whole new level.
Why it’s cool: Hospital ventilators can cost upwards of $30,000.00 each. With this invention, all patients can have access to a ventilator during a crisis situation.

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2. Electronic Stethoscope
What it is: An electronic stethoscope that records the patient’s heartbeat, transmits the sounds to a PC in real-time, and attaches straight to their medical records!
Why it’s cool: See above!

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3. EverTune
What it is: A guitar tuner that allows for guitar players to only tune their guitar once for optimal sound.
Why it’s cool: Any guitar player will tell you that the one thing they hate is constantly having to tune their guitar. This is an invention that musicians have been waiting for!

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4. Electronic Eyeball
What it is: A microchip that enables a visually impaired person to recognize faces and navigate a room without assistance.
Why it’s cool: Essentially it helps the visually impaired regain some of their lost vision. Plus, users get to wear cool set of glasses to go along with the microchip.

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5. Robotic Skateboard
What it is: An electric skateboard that allows the user to control the speed of the board by using their own body weight.
Why it’s cool: The board can go up to approx 10km/hr and could easily become a common device around college campuses.

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  1. I'm thinking the "Robotic Skateboard" is not going to be the hottest thing on campus next year.

    Inventor Help

  2. Admin says:

    You are probably right. I guess the Good News is... this still leaves the window wide open for the coveted Hover Board?

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