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Google Street View is handy for a number of things. It helps you with directions, let’s you peer into the yard of a total stranger, and actually helped one man from the UK lose weight.

No this wasn’t through some masterful Google algorithm or high tech weight management service. It was through the awesomely powerful effect of public embarrassment.

Bob Mewse was horrified to find a photo of his portly figure standing across the street from a Bristols gas station. The unflattering photo caught him at a side angle, wearing a grey T-shirt, and a rather large pot-belly sticking straight out.

Immediately after seeing the picture, Mewse joined a gym, developed a healthier diet regime, and worked diligently at losing the weight. “I knew that I actually had to do something about it. I was in such bad condition that I was unable to walk and talk at the same time.” Mr. Mewse told The Telegraph when asked about the photo.

At the time the photo was taken, Mr. Mewse weighed in at just under 300 lbs. Today he weighs in at just under 200 lbs. Well done Bob!

So remember, the next time you decide to eat the whole pie instead of just one slice, you may hear someone say, “Smile, you’re on Google’s camera!”.


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