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The real estate market may still be soft in Canada, but the online market is booming like never before.

A record-breaking transaction has just occurred in the online world of Entropia Universe. Jon Jacobs, aka “Neverdie” sold his virtual nightclub aptly name “Club Neverdie” located on an asteroid orbiting Planet Calypso to the tune of $635,000 (USD).

Virtual real estate has been a hot topic for a number of years, with many savvy entrepreneurs scooping up properties in various online gaming worlds such as Entropia Universe and the more well-known Second Life. It is unclear exactly what the online real-estate market is worth, but it is well in to the hundreds of millions.

Jacobs, a struggling Hollywood actor and independent filmmaker, is banking on the fact that he can continue to sell online property in order to fund his “real” world pursuits. His next venture? A new virtual planet called Rocktropia, where players can listen to live virtual concerts or go on music-related quests.


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