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Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all? Considered escaping to a deserted island or some remote part of the earth. Well, one family is taking this desire to a whole new ‘sub-level’.

Curt and Deborah Sleeper bought land in St. Louise in a remote area of the state a few years ago, but instead of building their house on the land, they built inside of it. Using an existing cave, the Sleepers constructed a fully functioning house, complete with electricity, running water, and 3 dehumidifiers to battle the constant stream of moisture.

Consisting of 3 levels, and boasting an impressive 37 glass sliding doors, this engineering marvel is remarkably bright despite 3 of the walls being made of stone. The best part is that the cave requires no heat or air-conditioning. The rock is a natural climate control, keeping the underground dwelling a constant 16 degrees in both summer and winter.

When asked about possible bat and rodent problems, the Sleepers calmly replied, “Nothing a cat or two won’t handle.”


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