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Our Reindeer Profile series continues with Vixen. Vixen is one of two women reindeer on Santa’s sleigh and is said to be infatuated with her fellow reindeer Cupid. Vixen is known worldwide as a shopaholic, and is definitely the trendiest and most fashionable reindeer of them all. We had a chance to catch up with Vixen as she did some Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills.

GNW: Vixen, Christmas day is only a few days away. How are you preparing for the big day?

Vixen: By shopping of course! This year I’m going to accessorize by buying myself a matching bracelet and necklace set. When everyone on the planet looks up to the sky to see Santa and his Reindeer, I want them to be able to spot my 24 karat gold necklace.

GNW: Wow that sounds extravagant. Sticking with fashion and jewelry, you were recently at the Vancouver Fashion Week up in Canada. What was that like?

Vixen: It was great! I just released a new line of clothing called “Vixen Vuitton” which is set to hit the biggest fashion stores in the world for the Spring/Summer season. It was great to have it featured at Van Fashion Week, which is always such a wonderful event.

GNW: That sounds like a blast! What’s the reception been like for your new line?

Vixen: Tremendous! My good friend Kate Moss has modeled it at several Fashion Shows and one of my old colleagues, Tyra Banks, featured it on “America’s Next Top Model”. I make an appearance on the upcoming season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, as the girls all want to wear my clothing line for Kourtney’s birthday party in April.

GNW: That sounds unbelievable! So with a large portion of your time spent on fashion and shopping, how do you stay in shape for the big day?

Vixen: I watch what I eat, mostly carrots, and do a lot of in-flight pilates.

GNW: In-flight pilates?

Vixen: Yep, it is all about core strength. I do leg extensions during each fight, holding the position for at least 5 seconds at a time. It burns my muscles like crazy. But as we all know, a strong core can do wonders during a long, cold, Christmas night flight.

GNW: Now, it is known worldwide that you are deeply in love with your fellow reindeer partner Cupid. Can you update us on that?

Vixen: I will always love Cupid. He is just such a romantic that it will take some time for him to want to settle down. When he does, I’m sure we will be together.

GNW: There are rumblings in the North Pole that your infatuation with Cupid is affecting your performance as a reindeer. Is this true?

Vixen: That’s completely false. I’m strictly professional when it comes to my reindeer work. If anything affects my performance, it’s having to pick up the slack for Blitzen who I’m pretty sure turned 127 years old this past year.

GNW: Vixen, we’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to talk with us. Best of luck on Christmas Day!

Vixen: Me pleasure.

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