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Now here is something I’d pay to see! Richard Branson, the fanatical entrepreneur, and chairman of Virgin will dress up as a female flight attendant and serve drinks on an AirAsia X flight this February 21. Richard lost a bet to Tony Fernandes, the chief executive of the low-cost airline, AirAsia X.

The two businessmen placed a wager on whose Formula One team would finish higher in this year’s constructors’ championship. Neither of their picks scored a single point but Mr Fernandes won the bet by virtue of a better finishing positions.

Richard’s shift onboard will occur on one of AirAsia’s X’s flights between London and Kuala Lumpar on Feb 21, 2011. He is expected to wear high heels, make-up, and a red dress. Branson may even be asked to perform lavatory-cleaning duties! Now that would be a sight!

But these outlandish personalities are not just out to create attention for themselves. Seats on board the flight will be auctioned off with proceeds going to a charity of Richard’s choice.

Men dressed in women’s clothing generally have me feeling squeamish, however I have to say, Richard Branson is quite the looker adorned in feminine attire. He famously donned a white wedding dress at the launch of, the now non-existent, Virgin Brides and also wore a dress at the unveiling of Vie, Virgin's range of cosmetics. This leads me to think..maybe he lost the bet on purpose?


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