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Do you know any of the numerous females (including yourself) who bombarded their hairdresser in the 1990’s clutching a picture in hand with the elusive goal of obtaining the one and only haircut known as ‘the Rachel”; layered and blow-dryed to perfection.

Named after the US Sitcom Friends character, Rachel Green, the owner of the haircut, Jennifer Aniston, has revealed her true feelings on the topic more than a decade later. “How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve seen,” she said in her new interview with Allure magazine. “But what I really want to know is how did that thing have legs?”

Ouch! I wonder how her hair stylist Chris McMillan felt. Jennifer admits, “I have to love him; he is the bane of my existence because he started that dam ‘Rachel’, which was not my best look.”


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