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The US is finally taking the epidemic of over weight and diabetic kids seriously. Just last month, The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was passed by Congress. This is a law in which officials must set nutritional standards for all foods sold in schools... and this includes the sugar stacked vending machine!

New Vending machines will stock organic yogurt, granola bars, gluten free snacks and fresh fruit. It’s about time that people start looking for food free of artificial substances.

In fact, here in Canada, we found some interesting facts: Students eat about a third of their daily food at school and 78% of vending machine purchases are made here. With 26% of children labelled as obese, it seems clear kids are not making up nutritional shortfalls at home, shortfalls they get from trans-fats and hydrogenated oils, says Dietitians of Canada.

It seems the kids don’t seem to be missing the junk food either. Four Chicago schools stocked with the healthier vending machines have outsold the previous candy and soda machines.

How's Canada doing? Well, Nova Scotia and BC are the only two provinces regulating all vending machine food have a certain level of nutrition. Hmm, maybe on this one, we need to take a lesson from the US.


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