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Since the mid part of the decade, everyone’s favourite catchphrase has been to “Go Green”. You hear it from companies, politicians, and the everyday man. But a river in Langford, British Columbia has taken the “Go Green” concept to a whole new level.

During the late afternoon on December 29th, the Goldstream River mysteriously turned bright green. Ministry of Environment teams were immediately sent down to investigate the River, which was naturally returned back to its original colour by 5:30PM of the same day.

After analyzing samples taken from the River, the green substance was determined to be fluorescein. Fluorescein is a non-toxic substance that is primarily used as a fluorescent tracer for many applications. Why or how the substance got into the river is currently unclear, but thankfully no animals or fish were harmed during the incident. A small fountain next to Veteran Memorials Parkway in Langford was also found to have fluorescein in it as well.

We can’t imagine what its like to wake up and see a River that you see everyday turn mysteriously bright green. But given that there were no animals harmed and no environmental damage done, we do think this is excessively cool and its definitely one of those moments that but takes your breath away.

Here’s to the “Go Green” initiative! May we all be as committed to it as the Goldstream River.


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