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From South America to Africa, Vancouver locals are making a difference around the world!

If you haven’t heard of the growing trend of “voluntourism” before, get ready to learn: “Voluntourism” is the combination of travel and volunteerism. There are many variations and names for it: eco-tourism, responsible travel, ethical tourism, meaningful travel. Travelers who chose to volunteer abroad make a conscious effort to be more aware of global concerns and the cultures they visit. Popular volunteer trips include activities like helping with homework at orphanages, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, teaching English, protecting local wildlife, environmental conservation, and more.

Go Overseas is a new website developed to help travelers who are passionate about volunteering and finding adventur. The site regularly publishes articles on international travel, from interviews and tips to personal stories and photo essays. In the past two years, Go Overseas has grown to include thousands of volunteer, intern, study, and teach abroad programs.

The best part about the Go Overseas website is the reviews. They are left by past participants, usually right after they complete their project abroad.  From group programs, to backpacking to different volunteer destinations, to volunteering abroad for free, Go Overseas has reviews and information on anything you might be interested in.

“We wanted to create a community for like-minded travelers to share information and experiences,” said Mitch Gordon, president of Go Overseas. “Our aim is to increase the number of people travelling with a Purpose” a motto the website shares.

Local Vancouver travelers (and travelers from all over the world) are featured and interviewed on Go Overseas’ Volunteer Abroad section:

Terri Wingham’s story is an especially inspiring one. After battling with breast cancer in 2010, Terri traveled and volunteered in South Africa. Her “voluntourism” experience gave her the idea to start a nonprofit to support other cancer survivors. Wingham won Go Overseas’ “Leave a Review Contest” this fall, entitling her to a round-the-world airline ticket. Starting in January 2012, she will be traveling around the world to volunteer on almost every continent.

Another Vancouver native volunteered in Rwanda with an organization called Developing World Connections: “Personally, going to Africa was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It is such a personal experience - no one else can live that for you, and it changed me for the better,” said DWC volunteer alumni Shannon Hope. “It made me realize how little I needed to be happy. With only my backpack on my shoulders, the world was my oyster and I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. I would absolutely volunteer with DWC again in a heartbeat.”

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