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So, you are thinking about the perfect gift for mom this Christmas, but you are stuck.  You could buy her that good old gift basket from the Body Shop, but she has about 20 of those stacked up in her closet.  You could think about getting her a spa certificate, but Dad already called that one. Maybe something for the kitchen... OK, but do you really want to get smacked?


The perfect Christmas gift this year has to be absolutely perfect, right?  Ok, no worries, check out the 10 best gifts for Mom below, and I guarantee you will find the perfect one!

10. DSLR Camera
Moms love to capture the most precious moments on film, and a DSLR camera is the perfect gift to accomplish that goal.  What was once an extremely confusing piece of technology to use, is now accessible to even the most basic consumers.  Snapping high quality photos with the press of a button, and a whole whack of automatic focusing and backlighting features, your Mom is going to love it!

9. Bath Robe
No, not one of those free ones that they offer at the department store.  What you need to buy is a really lovely and soft bathrobe  something to match those 20 or so Body Shop giftbaskets in her closet.  Mom will love a really high end bathrobe that she can relax in anytime of the year.

8. Jewellery
Ok, so Dad already called the spa certificate.  Why not step up the game and buy Mom some amazing jewellery to really show her how much you care.  An elegant necklace, or a bracelet can be the perfect gift and a top seller on any Mom's wish list.

7. Photobook
Here is your chance to really impress your Mom this year. You know she has a computer full of digital photos just waiting to be captured in a beautiful photobook of memories.  Best of all this gift can be as inexpensive, or as expensive as you want it to be.  There are a number of websites that offer photobook services.. but what Mom might really love most is a handmade book, ith all the love and care that goes into that sort of endeavour.

6. Laundry Service
Let''s be honest, is there a Mom in the world who doesn't hate doing laundry? I doubt it.  Non-the-less, offering your Mom either a professional laundry service, or giving her a certificate that clearly states you will take on her laundry duties for a month, either will bring a huge smile and a wonderfully big hug.

5. Flat Screen TV
Yup, they are not just for Dad's anymore.  Studies show that women are becoming increasingly avid buyers of these wonderful little devices. So go out and surprise Mom this Christmas with a TV that is truly awesome!

4. Yoga Membership
I know... this one is so obvious! But there is a catch.  To sweeten the deal, you attach a bonus to the gift that states that you will do chores around the house while Mom goes all yogi.  Now it is the perfect gift!

3. Sky Diving
Studies have shown that one of the top items on a baby boomer's bucket list is a trip to do some ski diving.  Sounds crazy, I know. But if your Mom is anything like mine, she will go nuts for the positive health benefits that come from the boost in adrenaline and circulation from a gift like this.

2. Oprah's Book Club
Ok, I know... this one seems pretty lame. BUT, Mom's always complain about never having the time to sit down and read a good book, never-the-less even find a good book to read.  Well, Oprah has you covered. Now all you need to do is give your Mom some time to relax.  Dishes anyone!?

1. Time
The #1 item on every Mom's wishlist is simply quality time with their family. Yes, it may be a cliche, but recent research has revealed that families spend less time engaging with one another than any time in history.  Give your Mom some love. time, and attention, and it will be the greatest Christmas she could ever imagine.


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