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Good News Weekly is the world's greatest Good News Publication.

The business concept itself started out as a vague idea, and has since flourished into a passion and a vision. As the slogan aptly reads, "The lighter side of life" it is exactly that which we want to bring to our readers.

The stories are fresh, entertaining, and often times so outlandish that you find yourself laughing out-loud uncontrollably. This is the true essence of what Good News Weekly is trying to accomplish.

Nothing in this free weekly publication is meant to be taken too seriously, and nothing is meant to harm or offend. It is simply an entertaining paper.

By incorporating the website into our weekly distribution, we achieve higher audience retention and admiration as it becomes easier for users of all mediums to reach our great weekly content.

It is our mission to bring a young, trendy, fresh look to the aging publication industry. We want to bring light and laughter back into the news, and allow people the opportunity to have their voices heard in our community and opinion sections.

We are local, we are young, and we are ready to serve your Good News Weekly addiction.

We hope you enjoy!

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